Signs Your Ex Husband Wants You Back

ex-husband_wants_you_backAfter a separation or a divorce, one or both of the separated spouses might still have some interest in reuniting, especially after they both go in life and try again with another person without success. Phone calls and emails might get exchanged, and casual meetings are not  uncommon.
In some cases, the separation might be because of not so good a reason, like a word you said during an argument and couldn’t take it back, or you made this decision while in a bad mood due to external or physiological factors. Later after the dust settles down you look back and regret it.

If you’re wondering if those signals you’re receiving are signs your ex husband wants you back, then there are some things you should think about. There are some men who only want to keep in touch so they can get what they need from you when they want it. However, there are some specific signs that your ex wants you back instead of just wanting to get what he can get.

It’s important that you distinguish between real signs and things you hope to see. Some women love their husbands so much that their imagination helps them to visualize them making positive signals to get them back. While it’s easy to see the positive in anything he does when you’re wanting him back, you must remember that some signals will be him just trying to get whatever he can get from you, while there will be definite clear signals that tell you he really wants to fix the relationship and start over.

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Perhaps the biggest sign your ex wants you back is when he begins trying to communicate with you frequently. You start to notice you’re getting phone calls or text messages and emails more regularly and he seems to want to just keep in touch. This is often a good sign that he wants to test the waters to see if you’re still angry or if you’re willing to talk.

If you notice during conversations with him that he keeps telling you about things he’s doing that are new or different, these could be signs that he’s trying to impress you by improving himself. In his mind, he’d be thinking he wasn’t good enough to make the relationship work last time, so working to find ways to impress you, such as joining a gym or taking self-help classes or aiming at a new promotion at work or trying to earn more money could be ways for him to try and prove to you that he’s a better catch now.

Another way to recognize signs your ex wants you back could be listening carefully to the questions he asks you when you catch up again. If he seems to be very interested in what you’re doing and who you spend your time with, then he still has some interest in you. He’s testing the waters to be sure you don’t have a new guy on the scene.

Or he might keep coming to you for emotional support every time he runs into trouble. If he seeks your advice and keeps coming back to you whenever he needs to talk, it means you’re the one he feels no shame disclosing himself with. Even though he might not be ready to come back to you yet, but it’s a sign that you represent safety for him. Nurture it and be there when he needs you as a step on the way to get him back in your arms.

The biggest possible signs your ex wants you back are unmistakable, yet many women miss them! When he says to you ‘I miss you and I want you back’, this is an absolutely certain sign he really wants to come back. It’s surprising how many men tell their exes this, yet the emotionally worried woman simply doesn’t hear it – or worse, she doesn’t believe it. She thinks it’s a trick or that there’s a catch.

The truth is, if he looks you in the eye and tells you he wants to come back, then don’t quiz him or accuse him or be doubtful about his signs. Smile. Be the happy, confident person he fell in love with and that he enjoys spending time with you. After all, it’s the positive signs your ex wants you back that you should be looking for.

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